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ALHE 100 - Emergency Medical Technician 

 12 credit hours
This course is designed for individuals interested in providing medical care to patients in the pre-hospital setting. It will provide the participant with opportunities to gain information, skills and attitudes necessary for certification and practice as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) in the State of Kansas. The candidate must be 17 years of age to challenge the EMT state board exam. Note: EMT courses are not eligible for federal financial aid. The EMT course may be offered for 16 weeks (or more).


EMT Program Outcomes
1.    The student should demonstrate an understanding of human anatomy and physiology, and the rationale and fundamentals of the pre-hospital care and treatment of the sick and injured.
2.    The student should perform a primary and secondary patient survey.
3.    The student should understand, recognize, and provide appropriate basic life support (BLS) care for life-threatening and non-life-threatening emergencies.
4.    The student should learn and demonstrate correct application and use of BLS equipment in the pre-hospital setting.
5.    The student should complete a written record of events for the receiving hospital and a permanent record for local use (written run report).
6.    The student should communicate necessary information, in an orderly manner, to other emergency personnel or to the receiving facility from the scene and/or ambulance using mobile radio equipment.
7.    The student should understand and discuss the rationale for personal and patient safety and care at the scene and throughout transport to receiving facility.
8.    The student should understand the rationale for practicing infection control procedures during and after any contact with a patient.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  I am still in high school. Can I still take the EMT class?
A:  Yes.  You may take the EMT course in high school, but you have to be 17 years of age to take the EMT state board certification.  Please note the EMT is a tiered course so the tuition and fees should be covered by the EXCEL in CTE for high school students. 

Q. Are there prerequisites for the EMT course?
A. No

Q. Is financial aid available for EMT?
A. No, federal financial aid is not available for EMT, but we offer a payment plan. 

Q. Is there a specific uniform needed for EMT?
A. You will need to meet uniform requirements per the instructor and clinical site. This information will be given the first night of class.

Q. Are there any other fees that have to be paid after the course is paid for?
A. Yes. You will be required to purchase the textbooks and to pay the $50 registry fee to the Kansas Board of EMS during the first week of the course.






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