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ACBSP Business Programs Accreditation


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 The Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP) is a leading specialized accreditation association for business education.

ACBSP What We Do

ACBSP ignites a standard of excellence with an accreditation process based on the Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence. By evaluating aspects of leadership, strategic planning, relationships with stakeholders, quality of academic programs, faculty credentials, and educational support, ACBSP assesses whether or not business programs offer a rigorous educational experience and commitment to continuous quality improvement.



ACBSP Mission

ACBSP's global mission is to pursue a better tomorrow by advancing and recognizing excellence in business education through continuous improvement.

ACBSP Core Values

  • Dynamic Leadership - Business programs and schools should employ ethical, diverse, and inclusive leadership practices that support the pursuit of quality business education. Dynamic leadership includes seeking partnerships that strengthen business-education processes and enhance student learning.
  • Quality, Learning-Centered Education - The development of future business leaders is enhanced though quality teaching. Quality instruction includes teaching students with a global perspective on active, life­long learning and development of problem-solving skills.
  • Social Advancement - Business education should emphasize the opportunity to positively improve communities and influence society by prioritizing diversity, equality, and inclusion.
  • Organizational Learning - Business programs should pursue regular cycles of planning, execution, assessment, and evaluation of results to improve every process and system. Programs should include clear learning objectives, while considering student needs, the changing environment, and an effective means for gauging student progress.
  • Continuous Improvement - Quality business systems, processes, and programs incorporate an evidence-based model of continuous improvement to facilitate excellence in global business education. Business programs' performance systems should focus on results that reflect and balance the needs and interests of students and all stakeholders.




NCCC offers the following ACBSP accredited programs (Associate of Science (AS) or Associate of Applied Science (AAS):

      • AS - Business Administration
      • AAS - Accounting
      • AAS - Computer Information Systems
      • AAS - Computer Support Specialist
      • AAS - Management
      • AAS - Marketing )
      • AAS - Office Technology

ACBSP Accredited Program Performance 2018-2021: