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NCCC operates on a two semester school year - spring and fall -  summer term. However, many short-term, on-line and weekend classes are offered within each semester. Our Ottawa campus offers extensive
block scheduling and weekend classes to meet the needs of adult students. 


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The college was founded in 1936 as Chanute Junior College. In 1965, the name was changed to Neosho County Community Junior College, and a bond issue was passed to build the current campus. In 1980, the word "junior" was removed from the name of the College.


NCCC has two main locations: a residential campus in Chanute, Kansas, and a campus serving Ottawa, Kansas. Chanute is a city of 10,000 located in the rural southeast corner of Kansas. Chanute is less than two hours from Wichita, Kansas City, Topeka, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ottawa is a city of 12,000 located in north central Kansas and is just one-half hour from Lawrence and Kansas City.


Over 2000 students attend NCCC each semester. About 1000 of these students attend full-time. 93% of our students are Kansas residents. The other 7% come from all across the United States and the world. Approximately 750 students attend our Chanute campus, 750 attend our Ottawa campus, and over 400 students take classes on-line. The remaining students take courses at one of our outreach sites.


Neosho County Community College offers associate degrees, as well as many certificate programs. Our most popular vocational programs are nursing and medical assisting. The majority of our students attend NCCC with the intention of transferring to a four-year college or university upon completion of their associate's degree.


NCCC operates on a two-semester school year -- spring and fall -- with a summer term.  However, many short-term, on-line and weekend courses are offered each semester. Our Ottawa campus offers extensive block scheduling and weekend classes to meet the needs of adult students.

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