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Award Levels

Credit Hours Required

Time to Completion

Associate of Science


2 Years



The Associate of Science with an emphasis in Elementary and/or Secondary Education curriculum provides the first two years of general education courses for most bachelor degree programs in elementary or secondary education. The student must apply for admittance to most teacher education programs after completing the first two years of college.

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Program Coordinator

Mindy Herron

Office: (620)432-0314



Recommended Sequence of Courses*

(Fall) Semester I
Credit Hours

EDUC 104

Intro to Teaching


EDUC 105

Intro to Teaching Lab


CURR 100

First Year Seminar


ENGL 101

English Composition I


COMM 207

Fundamentals of Speech


CSIS 100

Computer Concepts and Applications


HIST 201/202

HIST 200

U.S. History I or II or Recent American History





(Spring) Semester II

BIOL 111

BIOL 115

General Biology or Environmental Life Sciences


BIOL 112

BIOL 116

Gen Biology Lab or Environmental Life Sciences Lab


HPER 150

Lifetime Fitness


ENGL 289

English Composition II


PSYC 155

General Psychology


MATH 113/111

MATH 204

College Algebra or College Algebra Workshop or Mathematics for Education I





(Fall)  Semester III

PHYS 171

Physical Science


PHYS 172

Physical Science Lab


ART 102

ART 178

MUSI 120

Art Appreciation or Intro to Visual Arts or Music Appreciation


SOSC 100

Intro to Sociology


PSYC 263

Developmental Psychology



Program Elective





(Spring)  Semester IV

HIST 207

World Geography


EDUC 252

ENGL 113

ENGL 221

Children's Literature or General Literature or Intro to Western Literature


MUSI 140

Music in the Elementary CLassroom


SOSC 101

American Government



Program Elective



Program Elective





*Students who have already selected a transfer institution are encouraged to use the information provided by that institution to help guide their academic decisions. Program advisors can also assist. See “Transfer Information” below. 

                      Associate of Science Degree Program Credits


 Courses marked with this symbol are approved by the Kansas Board of Regents for guaranteed transfer among all Kansas public postsecondary institutions. Additional courses may be eligible for transfer. Please visit the NCCC Registrar to learn more.  Visit Kansas Board of Regents Transfer and Articulation website for additional information.

Transfer Credit Information
Emporia State University Articulation Agreement
Fort Hays State University Transfer and Articulation Agreement - Early Childhood
Fort Hays State University Transfer and Articulation Agreement - Elementary Education
Kansas State University Pathways Tool
Pittsburg State University Transfer Equivalency Guidelines
Wichita State University College of Education Transfer Guide

Transfer Testing Information
Emporia State University
For entrance into the ESU Teachers College, students must complete one of the following:
    CORE (from - minimum scores:
        Writing 162
        Reading 156
        Mathematics 150
    CAAP (from - minimum scores:
        Writing - equivalent to 162 CORE
        Reading 57
        Mathematics 55
Pittsburg State University
For entrance into the PSU Department of Teaching and Leadership, students must complete one of the following:
    ACT - minimum score of 22
    CORE-minimum scores:
        Writing 162
        Reading 156
        Mathematics 150
    C-Base - minimum scores:
        Writing 235
        Reading 235
        Mathematics 235

Program Outcomes
  1. Evaluate the varied aspects of teaching as a profession.
  2. Discuss the different experiences encountered at the secondary and elementary level.  
  3. Demonstrate an understanding of theories of human physical, cognitive and social development.
  4. Students will be able to utilize appropriate skills to enhance teaching and learning.
  5. Analyze effective classroom management and communication skills.